ClearShield keeps your glass looking like new and easier to clean. ClearShield®, the protective element in the System, works like non-stick’ cookware but onto glass surfaces.

Cleaner and more hygienic, sparkling shower glass without the hassle!

  • resists limescale build-up and water spots
  • is always easier to clean and keep clean, saving time and effort
  • maintains pristine appearance
  • hinders bacterial growth for a more hygienic environment


Its important whether it be deck, pool or glass balustrades that its maintained and looking like new. ClearShield reduces not only the frequency of cleaning but also the intensity to restore glass to its gleaming best. Tree sap, bird lime and atmospheric pollution spoil the look of unprotected glass and easily stains the surface. Unclean glass spoils the general appearance.

ClearShield Eco-Glass™ ensures that glass in windows, conservatories and balustrades remain as clean and bright as the day it was installed, giving optimal clarity with the least possible effort.

  • Windows/Sliding Doors
  • Balustrades inside/outside
  • Conservatories
  • Skylights

Seaspray contamination bonds to the glass surface and cleaning becomes very difficult, if not impossible. Dirty glass creates passenger dissatisfaction and affects the crew’s view. ClearShield Low-M® Glass is the ideal solution for all marine glass, providing protection from marine corrosion.

Glass that is already contaminated an be renovated  The process removes all contaminants that have not yet etched the glass during the corrosion process. The surface is restored to a pristine ‘as-new’ appearance, ready for the application of ClearShield Low-M® technology.

Once applied, ClearShield will improve visibility and appearance for increased passenger satisfaction. It makes cleaning easier and more effective, resists staining by saltspray and reduces the frequency of accessing difficult areas for cleaning.

The ClearShield Glass Protection System has a range of uses inside on interior glass surfaces:

  • making splashbacks easy to clean
  • stopping of staining on ceramic or induction hobs
  • allowing fingermarks to be easily removed from sand blasted or acid etched glass
  • mirrors polish to a streak free finish
  • Oven doors that don’t need harsh chemicals to clean

ClearShield is all about making cleaning not only easier but also less frequent.


When glass becomes impossible to clean due to the ‘etching’ caused by the salts in the water, most people give up or take extreme measures to remove the water marks, often ending up in scratches in the glass.

We can remove these watermarks through buffing the glass to smooth the surface and in doing so also removing the cloudiness, and making the glass optically clear again. We then treat the glass with ClearShield Glass Protection to keep the glass looking clean and clear for years to come.


ClearShield is a polymeric resin that uniquely cross-links with the glass and itself to form a strong chemical bond when applied to ordinary glass. It is completely transparent, chemically inert, non-hazardous and UV stable. Unlike a coating, ClearShield becomes part of the glass and will never discolour, peel or crack.

ClearShield Glass is low-maintenance (Low-M), always easier to clean and keep clean, and provides lasting protection against contaminants that can quickly and easily cause surface damage. It resists both organic and inorganic substances that chemically bond to unprotected glass preventing losses in clarity, visibility and cleanliness.

This protection is strong and durable because ClearShield Glass has an ultra-thin but hard-wearing layer of polymeric resin that is applied as a liquid but when cured, bonds chemically to the glass surface creating an invisible, ‘non-stick’ barrier. To the end user this means glass that:

  • is always much easier to clean … saving time and effort
  • is easier to keep clean… saving money
  • resists staining… maintaining visibility, clarity and appearance


See how it works on Showers
See Clearly from the Cabin
Easy Clean Splashbacks, Stove Hobs….
Enjoy the views from the deck, pool with clean glass