This ‘oldie-but-a-goodie’ is one of our favourite myths – mainly because it’s so ridiculous, yet remains so widely believed!

Rain has unfairly been getting the blame for dirtying up windows for decades… but the short answer is – NO – rain does not make your windows dirty. Rain is essentially just water, and water is basically clean, meaning it simply can’t make windows dirty. The three key culprits when it comes to window grubbiness are…

  • Pollen & dust
  • Insect droppings
  • Fingerprints

So why have we been pointing the finger at rain for all of these years?

Well, when it rains, rainwater tends to splash on the window glass. Splashing can move around the dirt, pollen, dust and grime that has been collecting up, and making this far more noticeable.

The proof is in the pudding. If your windows have been thoroughly cleaned recently, the rain will simply run off the clean glass and your windows will continue to look great.

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We can remove all the dust and grime from your windows, so they will be sparkling clean – come rain and come shine.