Nothing worse then concrete splatter and other types of construction material on newly developed properties.

Damage to raw glass surfaces during building construction can be costly, but this can be avoided by converting ordinary glass into ClearShield ‘non-stick’ Glass with the ClearShield System.

ClearShield Glass is easier to clean, keeps it looking like new, reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction.

During construction, concrete splatter, cement dust and slurry, as well as other types of alkaline construction materials, damage and corrode the surface of glass. This can be a particular problem for large-scale projects, with greater quantities of glass in windows, doors, curtain walling and so on.

ClearShield is a unique ‘non-stick’ surface finish that provides effective protection to the glass before, during and after construction thanks to its stain-resistant properties.

It can be applied in the factory before installation or onsite after installation. The ideal time is in the factory as it will help to prevent contaminants from damaging the surface of the glass during handling, storage, transportation and the construction of the building itself.